Factory Managment Systems services are committed to providing first class solutions to your business that will give your process greater visibility and accountability. We provide data analysis tools to remove the mundane repeatative tasks from data collation to asssit with your root cause corrective action decision making process.

We believe with this approach we can identify process performance issue's before they become problems.

Limiting downtime and preventing problem re-occurance are key area's for your continuous improvment environment

Real time performance visibilty is key to process improvement.

Expect Excellence with FMS

Factory Management Systems is a product realisation company who have the skills to engineer solutions through collaborated conceptual ideas, we design controls and processes to bolster your manufacturing process with sustainable solutions that meet and exceed your company process control requirements.

Factory Management Systems specialize in systems integration and information management, we can bring clear visualization of process performance and throughput, we provide data analysis tools to allow performance issue's and failure trends to be identified rapidly which allows for preventative action to be taken to reduce downtime. Our data analysis tools allow for quick and easy diagnosis of failure mode and trend analysis. All tailored to meet your unique environment and data formats.

With over 20 years experience in a manufacturing environment using lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement philosophies we have the skills to provide bespoke solutions for systems integration, consolidation, automation and simplification.


Process Monitor


Easily monitor measure and manage your entire processes performance with clear visualization, showing target output verse actual output over time, with integrated reporting tools.


Lumianir Test - PAT Safety Test, Parametric Led Measurement, Historical Fail Mode Pareto Reporting & Product Wip Tracking

FinalTestFE1smallA bespoke test solution that was conceived by collaboration of FMS & Philips Luminaires to integrate a test solution into their manual PAT test system so that we can automate the test process and incorporate instrumentation to measure parametric Luminaire data for LED colour, Lux levels out, Dimming functionality test for Dal, 1-10, Switch Live, Photo Cell, RF Dali, RF 1-10 & RF Switch Live. This test strategy removes the responsibility of the pass fail judgement condition from the user and mitigates risk to customer by allowing the measurement/control system to make an accurate and correct pass fail judgement.

The additional ability to record Inspection Failure conditions for root cause corrective activity. Real time WIP tracking and current order process completion status by integrating into shop floor database for order detail. Historical reporting interface for performance monitoring and root cause corrective action activity, Reports available for Test passed / failure mode with failure mode chart, Test failure mode Pareto chart, Inspection passed / failure mode with failure mode chart, Inspection failure mode Pareto chart, Test yield per model type with chart, Search by purchase order (Service Tag) for test history, Search by purchase order (Service Tag) for Inspection history.




Screw Driver Control Work Station

Manage process operation enforcement by means of hardware monitoring via a bespoke hardware interface design that allows us to monitor the screw driver hardware via the software interface to ensure that the screw driver operation has been successfully completed, monitor screw count & screw turns for operation completion verification with visual aid work instruction for clear operation instruction, additional cycle time enforcement and pre-process pass verification with local operation pass fail operation record recording for systems integration into the process adherence risk management system. by utilising the process adherence system we ensure all process are completed successfully which reduces the risk to the brand and protects the customer.


Interface PCB conceived, designed and manufactured in house.



Commercial Fan Test Fixture Control & Instrumentation

VentaxiaFanMedium This design was conceived after consultation with the fixture manufacturer & a leading UK fan manufacturer who had a requirement to define the measurement system and control logic for a dual fixture system which would test multiple product types of fan assemblies and could vary between low voltage SELV and mains voltage powered fan assemblies.

The design incorporates a mitsubishi logic controller for the operation sequencing, interlock control, power & instrumentation switching between units under test, pnumatic control & visual indication. A power meter to measure power consumption and a Tico Laser/Tacho to measure fan impeller rotation.



Failure Mode Analysis


Fast reporting on failure trends using our FMA tools to process log files and extracts the failure information which is collated to show the failure mode per product, formatted to the 80/20 Pareto graph for easy trend analysis and root cause correction action decision making.





Data Extraction


With our file processing tools you can search multiple files for a particular data pattern and export to excel for analysis.






CP CPK Process Capability Index Analysis


With our process capability tools we can perform CP, CPK, CPU, CPL, STD & AVE measurement analysis with automatic acceptance judgment, making this process of measurement systems analysis simpler to execute and easier to interpretate.

This analysis aproach will meausre your systems repeatability and identify improvement items for process optimisation in the early stages of development, this will ensure that your systems are going to be right first time.



In-Circuit Test Pin Location Tool


A graphical interface showing the fixture test point locations with the ability to search for any test pin, this speeds up the time to identify and replace any test probes and in turn reduces downtime and increases equipment availability.







Embedded Systems

Pic32IO & Control Interface systems based on the Pic32 ┬ÁController development platform. Bespoke hardware and software solutions for expanding current systems capability or generating new control systems.

Systems Software

We have the ability to provide bespoke systems software for example test & systems control automation, consolidation & integration, label printing, process data logging, ESD test entry logging, touch screen control panels, measurement capability analysis, throughput reporting, historical data analysis & much more, we basically create systems tailored to your needs and idea's, together we will assess your needs to grow our idea's and design systems from concept to approval with finally rolling out to your end user environment.